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Roberto Cavalli is Italy famous designers Roberto Cavalli who founded the world famous clothing brands. Roberto Cavalli was founded in the 60 's company, pioneer in its wild and sexy style becomes fashion trend, becoming Milan the fashion world's most "wild" branding.

90, luobote·kawoli (Roberto Cavalli) fashion became trendy unique image representative, conflicts are everywhere: two very different dispositions of materials into one, simple mixed with the luxury and extravagance of two extremes of temperament, wandering between the formal elegance and casual hippie, complete collapse of rigid matching theory! Soft, introverted and imaginative dual characteristics, becoming the aesthetic orientation of the Cenozoic.

Roberto Cavalli creations, always stressed wild, full of desire for females. Roberto Cavalli is also rich of the world famous by Jet travel, but also because of its rich held a grand banquet and party Chia is famous for its celebrity. Of course, these wealthy celebrities, dressed from head to toe is luobote·kawoli (Roberto Cavalli) brand.

Roberto Cavalli, fashion has always been elegant, changes in animal prints, and stars flock material is increasingly used on a quarterly luxury. Satin chiffon, silk and satin, leather, furs, precious stones, crystals, exuberant Baroque embroidery by hand, wearing ride out mix Bohemian with shimmering gold Byzantine effect, light chiffon satin, then infected with Topaz, wine red, cobalt blue and other gemstone shades of color.

Minimalist defeat against complex Roberto Cavalli is a super model, for ordinary people, wear on the Roberto Cavalli is slightly more difficult, an entry shortcut is commenced from the accessory or the famous animal prints, micro-stepping high, gradually harness full body Roberto Cavalli dress up as well. However, if you are confident and loves the limelight, buckle, "less is more" theory, no mistake!

For many years, Roberto Cavalli his company continues to expand, designed a series of apparel brands, including Just Cavalli is a brand that is designed for young people with the the company, the pursuit of young people yearn for fashion brands.